Trampoline From SereneLife | Portable and Foldable

SereneLife Portable & Foldable Trampoline
SereneLife Portable & Foldable Trampoline

For any human, exercising is demanding, and no one wants to deal with muscle cramps that come after. However, the SereneLife portable and foldable trampoline can make it easy.

Jumping/flying on a trampoline is a fun and exciting way to engage muscles. Considered one of the best exercises for adults, teens, kids, and toddlers, trampoline jumping offers a combination of both health and fitness benefits, such as weight loss, strength, muscle toning, and cardiovascular health.

This popular trampoline is a classic in everything: shape, durability, frame, and weight limit. It features a handy handrail adjustable height of 34″ to 46″, a sturdy frame to replace traditional steel springs, and added cushioned cover that provides safety.

The SereneLife rebounder is perfect for the adventurer jumper that you are.

Do your children love jumping? Gifting them this high-premium trampoline should be your top priority this year.

Product Description

SereneLife Trampoline: Front, Side, and Back
SereneLife: Front, Side, and Back
  • Item Package Description (LXWXH): 31.75 X 15 X4.75 Inches
  • Package Weight: 9.05 kilograms
  • Brand Name: SereneLife
  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Number of Items: 1
  • Manufacturer: Sound Around
  • Part Number: SLELT403
  • Included Components: Trampoline

Additional Information

  • Date First Available: August 1, 2018

Key Features of the SereneLife Exercise Trampoline

  • Powder-Coated Sturdy, Heavy-Duty Frame

As far as materials go, the SereneLife quality fitness trampoline is heavily reinforced to withstand frequent use and weights. In terms of build, its enclosures serve as a safety measure from pinching and minor injuries.

The springs are also made of steel and can hold a maximum weight of 200lbs. The ergonomic steel can go for years without rusting or damaging.

The main feature that most people overlook is the whole frame padding and fitting when purchasing a trampoline, which is sturdy on this SereneLife model. Comfortable, thick, and soft, you will not be worried about hurting yourself while jumping.

You will not find it hard to put the frames altogether when you want to exercise. If there is one word to describe this trampoline, it would be “sleek.”

This body strengthener looks like the kind John Cena would use. Constructed from strong heavy-duty galvanized materials, it offers stability and flexibility during trampoline jumping.

  • Padded Handrail Adjustable Handlebars (35 to 46)
SereneLife Trampoline Features
SereneLife Trampoline Features

For a wonderful change of pace, the SereneLife sturdy trampoline is made of handles that can be adjusted to any high or low levels. If you are looking to burst some energy, this recreational version is the best.

From a safety standpoint, an adjustable height caters to all needs of both kids and adults and provides flexibility, higher jump, and bounce. If you have toddlers, these adjustable bars will enable easy access to and out of the bouncing trampoline.

This well-equipped exercise piece helps kids stay well balanced while bouncing instead of using springs. It is an excellent product if you want to jump with a friend; moreover, if you crave a better-customized experience, this rebounder will support you as you knock out your workouts/ exercise.

We also recommend the Protocol punching bag for more speed, strength, and agility

The height also prevents anything from getting under the trampoline. Toddlers may get injured accidentally by getting under it. Therefore, the SereneLife trampoline is hands-up the best when it comes to enclosures.

  • Padded Soft PVC Cover

Next on the cushioning and padding, we’d say ‘perfect.’ You won’t get thicker and softer padding on the market than this model.

We are right. At least in terms of comfort and safety, this trampoline will make your jumping sessions injury-free.

Also, when it comes to protection, at the very least, you would want a trampoline with a UV reinforcing layer that can withstand sunlight, rust, and damage. The SereneLife trampoline protects users from falling off. Either way, it is manufactured with a UV resistant Polypropylene

As you consider dropping money on a backyard recreational trampoline, consider this in-home mini rebounder. Additionally, it comes with extra safety accessories.

  • Foldable
Foldable and Portable Trampoline
Foldable and Portable Trampoline

This trampoline is a versatile addition to your workouts. If you have much space in your home, this portable bouncer is worth it. It stands over 6ft tall and just 40 inches in wide diameter, making it home-gym equipment.

Even better, it is effortless to assemble and fits into any space. Even with no extras, this fitness rebounder would still be a solid option.

Benefits of Trampolining on the SereneLife Trampoline

  • Good for Your Heart, a Great Cardio Choice

Trampoline jumping is a better aerobic exercise. According to this research, rebounding for 8 minutes equals 3 kilometers of running, thereby increasing the rate at which your heart pumps up blood and oxygen.

You can get a cardio boost at the comfort of your home. Similar to the Arteesol cardio platform in features, the SereneLife foldable trampoline will improve your wellbeing.

Trampolining is an effective way to kick-start your fitness goals. Whether you are searching for a low-impact cardio boost or inspiration to stay fit, this exercise rebounder is a sure bet.

  • Increases Bone Strength

Cycling and strength training are two of the best ways to work out; however, they can be quite hard on muscles and joints. While the SereneLife flexible trampoline also involves exercising, it has a low impact on feet, hips, and back due to its shock-absorbing properties.

Jumping will work out all your major core muscles and body parts like legs, thighs, hamstrings, calves, belly, and obliques. Intense trampolining with this particular backyard recreational rebounder means that your muscles will contract more than any other exercise activity and increase core strength and tone muscles.

Has it been ages since you were able to touch your toes? Or perhaps you can’t remember the last time your muscles didn’t feel right? No matter your fitness level and age, this body toner will take your flexibility to the next level.

Another key benefit of rebounding is that it makes your bones strong and prevents Osteoporosis.

  • Great for Weight Loss
Trampolining: Ideal for Losing Weight
Trampolining: Ideal for Losing Weight

When you have this premium workout trampoline in your home, you can easily change your overall health fitness. You may not like lifting heavy equipment and probably not a huge fan of the gym; this trampoline can save you time and space if cutting down calories is your goal.

Also, when it boils down to weight loss, it is important that you focus on fitness equipment that can double your performance, boost your endurance, and tone your muscles.

Luckily, the SereneLife trampoline will do more. Check out the ELZXUN kettlebell for women if you want to get rid of tummy fat.

Why Is the SereneLife Trampoline the Best Weight-Loss Option?

You can trim calories more while jumping and having fun at it. Just grab this rebounder, start bouncing and take your workouts to the next level.

  • Detoxifies the Body

Trampolining has been proven to remove harmful body toxins. We live in a time when our food, water, and air are all exposed to pollutants and toxins. A toxic body can lead to severe conditions, such as cancer.

Trampolining on the SereneLife trampoline can engage the lymphatic system to pump lymph fluid and detoxify your entire body

  • Improves Balance and Coordination

Many people can barely maintain balance for a few minutes. However, the SereneLife trampoline will improve your balance and increase your motion range.

Think of your body like a ball that lands with force and hits the ground harder than anticipated. To accommodate this force and movements, you must maintain balance and flexibility to prevent crashing.

  • Relieves Stress

Are you having a bad day? Burst your energy with this dynamic powerhouse and improve your mood. It has a positive effect on people who are dealing with anxiety and depression.

This fitness product also promotes mental focus and enhance sharpness. For kids, it helps improve mental capacity and trigger the good feel hormones (serotonin and dopamine).

Pros and Cons

How to Assemble the Trampoline
How to Assemble the Trampoline


  • Sturdy
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • Solid steel frame
  • Foldable
  • Increases strength
  • Improves cardio health
  • Trims down calories
  • Boosts up mood
  • Increases flexibility
  • Available in all sizes


  • None

Final Verdict

Trampoline for Adults and Children
Trampoline for Adults and Children

Do you remember when you used to trampoline as a kid? If you do, you know how exhausting it is.

Like many fitness enthusiasts, we subscribe to the school of thought that all cardio exercises can do no wrong. While there is truth in it, some spring trampolines can cause muscle sores and cramps.

However, the SereneLife fitness trampoline will make your jumping sessions memorable.

As previously stated, this rebounder isn’t just for kids anymore. The fact is, anyone can jump. And who wouldn’t want to exercise while having a bit of fun?

There is something about jumping that is rewarding, and anytime you try trampolining, the more likely you are to stick to it. The trick to getting the best health and fitness benefits out of a rebounder is picking and jumping on the SereneLife trampoline.

You can view and purchase it here.

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