Top 10 Best Punching Bags for Apartment

If you live in an apartment, there is a good chance that you have neighbors living either above, below, or next to you. With this in mind, getting a suitable fitness punching bag for your apartment is a good idea.

However, the bad news is that finding the right punching bag can be challenging. This is because many options on the market are known to fall apart or misshapen after a few uses.

The good news though ….

Our research found the top 10 best punching bags for apartment according to price, durability, and material. Do you have a fear of boxing due to limited space and noise? Overcome this by using these suitable models.

The Top 10 Best Punching Bags for Apartment

  1. Everlast 40 LB Punching Bag

First up on our review list is the EverLast 40 LB punching bag. This model is a quick solution for anyone in need of a very high-quality bag for speed and agility. Although it is retailing at only $149, it is well constructed from premium synthetic faux leather with reinforced padding that provides long-lasting durability.

This boxing option is a perfect setup if you prefer a hanging punching bag to a free-standing model. Plus, it features heavy-duty nylon straps to provide security and safety, plus double end loops for increased functionality.

In terms of stability, this workout station is 40 lbs, which is suitable for home use. When it comes to set up, this punching bag can be hooked and attached. It can also fit into any corner room, bedroom, garage, or backyard.

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Stand Out Features

Holds up to 40lbs heavy bag

Takes up limited space


Made of faux leather material

2. Ringside Boxing Youth Heavy Bag Kit (40 lbs)

Second on our list is the Ringside 40 lbs punching kit. It comes with a beginner boxing set that includes a pair of youth boxing gloves, pair of hand wraps, 40 pounds filled, vinyl-heavy bag with a swivel, and a mounting clip, all-inclusive.

This fitness punching bag features thick foam padding for comfort and safety. As a beginner in boxing, you may not have the right boxing technique. This model has fabrics that cannot be too hard on your hands.

Since this bag weighs 40 lbs, its overall size is not bad for starters. It is 13 x 13 x 40 inches and smaller compared to other models on the market. However, the size is a good fit when considering a punching bag for an apartment.


40 lbs heavy bag

Very thick foam padding

Leather construction

Easy on the hands

Comes with free punching gloves

3.Mdikawe Punching Bag 

The Mdikawe boxing model is one of the most underrated punching bags out there. It features a boxing bag, high-density PU padding that absorbs shock from most punches to provide a comfortable hitting surface and an ideal superior exterior.

It also utilizes a spring-mounted design to develop speed, timing, and accuracy in punching and striking. Most importantly, it works by improving your hand/eye coordination and overall fitness.

In addition to versatility, this punching bag has steel tube structures and a sturdy base for a super-fast and stable training experience for every boxer. You can easily install or remove it within a minute (Fill the base with 80 LBS water or 100 LBS sand to increase the weight of the bottom).

Furthermore, this punching bag is a solid choice for an apartment. Moreso, the height of the punching bag can be easily adjusted from 52.3” to 61”. Not only is it suitable for kids, but also the best choice for adults to exercise.

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Noteworthy Features

Adjustable weights

Increases speed and agility

Made of faux leather


4.MENGDUO Inflatable Free Standing Punching Bag

The MENGDUO is an exceptional punching bag for an apartment. It stands 63 inches tall and measures a full 25.5 inches in bottom diameter. Our favorite aspect of this free-standing punching bag is that it is longer than hanging models.

The material is PVC, which is environmentally friendly, safe, and durable. This exercise model has two parts: the bottom, which is used to add weight to water or sand to keep it stable on the ground, and the upper part, which is used to inflate to help you train your skills. We also love the bonus that comes free after the purchase (1 inlet and 3 air-launch pockets).

This standing punching bag is perfect for staying healthy or releasing stress. It also features a spring-loaded design for back-and-forth swings. The sturdy base construction can also help you work on your timing, speed, and flexibility.

One thing worth mentioning is that it does not make loud noises due to its shock-absorbing foam padding, making it very comfortable to hit and easy to store. It is one of the best punching bags for an apartment.


Solid base construction

Made of PVC material

Environment friendly


Improves speed and flexibility

5.Jayefo Heavy Hanging Punching Bags

The Jayefo Sports Punching bag has versatile features compared to other conventional punching bags. First, it has industrial heavy-duty hanging straps attached to it. Second, this model is designed not just for boxing but also for karate, judo, mixed martial arts, and taekwondo.

For starters, the exterior body construction is thicker for both low kicking and high-knee striking. The fabric is durable and lasts long. You will also find handles at the far upper end of the bag for setting up and clinching to any room area.

Also, you will be surprised to find that this exercise boxing bag takes very small apartment space.

If you prefer to increase your speed, enhance your boxing skills, or add legwork to your workout routine, this workout gear is for you.

Thanks to its thick foam, it absorbs every brutal strike and is built to last.


Sturdy anchors

Made of leather

Durable and thick

Solid base foundation

6.RDX Punching Bag (UNFILLED)

Thanks to its functionality, the RDX Punching bag is quite a classic one. This unfilled boxing punch bag is engineered with a sturdy Maya hide leather that endures nasty blows well over time. This makes it ideal for boxing, kickboxing, MMA, Muay Thai, and more.

This fitness equipment is made of leather for durability. HG-Steel chains with s-hooks that are corrosion-resistant and foam padding make it extra sturdy. It is excellent for saving space due to its size.

Our favorite feature is the pro bag glove manufactured using Maya hide leather doubled with shock-absorbent padding. Thanks to its ventilated design, your palm and feet will be dry and odor-free. This heavy punching bag can be used even outdoors.

What’s more, it can be filled with shredded textile material and sewn together to serve you for a prolonged amount of time.


Maximum weight load of 50kg

Thick paddings


Comes with free gloves

7.Odoland 6-In-1 Punching Bag (Unfilled)

Considered one of the best punching bags for an apartment, this 4FT punching bag can accommodate beginner-level and advanced workouts. The set includes a 1 x 4ft unfilled punching bag, 1 x 12oz boxing gloves, 1 x rotation 3-pannel steel chain, 1 x connecting carabiner, 1 x punching bag hanger, and 1 pair ankle protective sleeves. It is the best choice for boxing and throwing strikes.

Made of high-quality PU leather and reinforced straps, featured with fixed screws, double stitching, and cross stress bands, the Odoland exercise kickboxing bag functions well and serves long-time usage.

The multi-layer shock-absorption foam padding offers you the best punching experience. Just fill sand, cloth, corn beans, and start punching!

Furthermore, this versatile model has extra-thick foam padding and PU leather designed as thumb lock. The secure Velcro wrist closures with a stretchable leather wrist strap provide the ultimate wrist safety you need.

Interestingly, the Odoland punching bag is equipped with a 360° rotary bag hanger, hook and loop, connecting lock rings, and 6 rotating stainless-steel chains to hang the bag without any more additional accessories. Screw up the hanger, hang up the bag and start punching with this powerhouse.


Secure Velcro wrist closures

Solid, sturdy, durable exterior

Hook and hoop hangers

Lock rings

Made of leather

Increases speed

8.Rakon Punching Bag for Adults and Kids

The Rakon punching bag takes the award for simplicity. However, its features will amaze you.  The solid and stable construction features 100% high-quality materials that can last years. The strong rebound spring makes the whole set much more solid for punching practice.

Its four adjustable levels range from 48.8 inches to 55.9 inches. Due to its lightness, this fitness punching bag is easy to move around and is suitable for cardio training.  

Like the Protocol punching bag, the Rakon punching bag offers free replacement parts and guarantees for any problem within 1-year after purchase. This is to ensure 100% user satisfaction.

The only downside of this product is that it is not made for heavy strikes. However, if you prefer a lighter punching for you and your kids, it is a good fit. You can adjust user height to accommodate any user. To sweeten this product package, it comes at a budget-friendly price.

Noteworthy Features

Solid construction

Offers a pair of free gloves

Has adjustable heights

Increases speed


9. Brace Master Boxing Bag

If you want to step away from a basic punch bag to one that can take in heavy strikes, the Brace Master Punching bag is worth consideration.

This punching bag comes empty; you can fill it with sand, some unnecessary clothes, cotton cloth, sponge, or others. Moreover, you can DIY this punching bag in different fill-up things to make the softness and hardness you need. Then, hang the boxing bag up and start your punching practice.

It features high-quality hanging hooks and chains. Even better, this heavy fitness bag is made of good quality canvas cloth, which is more wear-resistant and durable than formal cloth suits for long-term use. It has a sponge filling layer in it to cushion to avoid hand injuries.


Hanging chicken hooks


Sturdy padded exterior


Increases speed and flexibility


10. Last Punch Heavy Duty Punching Bag with Chains

The Last Punch punching bag is simple but an effective one with an easy installation. All you have to do is hook up the handles and start punching right away. It is a pro-quality heavy-duty canvas punching bag with good paddings and durable construction.

When you first start using this bag, you will notice how silent it can be. After hooking it up, this exercise bag will stay in place instantly. Thankfully, the durability and comfort cannot be compromised due to its sturdy construction.

You will find it pretty easy to use and store. If you are looking for a silent but durable punching bag, the Last Punch brand is the right choice for you. It can also be used for cardio, speed training, and hand coordination.


  • Has chains
  • Durable
  • Ergonomic design

Our Thoughts

The key criteria used to review and rank these products as the top 10 best punching bags for apartment are functionality, speed, durability, and value for your money. We think the free-standing door bags and hanging punching bags serve different needs to different users. These punching bags represent the best available options found on the market. However, it is up to you to purchase the right fit according to price and key features. After all, even with limited space, you get a quality punching bag here without worrying about space

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