SHAPERX Waist Trainer Belt for Women

tummy toner and enhancer
SHAPERX Waist Trainer Belt for Women

The majority of women desire to have killer abs, strong abdominal toned muscles, and a slimmer waist. However, when it comes to waist training, many of them do it wrong.

Waist training by working out the obliques and performing basic exercises such as side crunches and ab rolls are not the best way to rid of tummy fat, to say the least. In all realness, an hour-glass figure can be achieved by training with this waist trainer belt.

This tummy-tucker by SHAPERX features double adjustable Velcro closures, an ultra-wide design, and anti-slip interior grips with compression technology to provide a sauna effect for effective weight-loss and muscle toning.

Do you have tummy fat that has crushed down your confidence? Consider adding this waist trainer belt to your work-out routines. It is a fine choice if you want to have a slimmer waist and toned abs.

Product Information

  • Size: Medium
  • Color: 2-rose
  • Brand: SHAPERX

Closure Type: Hook and loop

Features and Product Details: What Unique Features Does This Waist Trainer Belt Have?

  • Adjustable Double Velcro Closures
Ultimate waist tucker
Tone abdomen and enhances physique

This tummy trimmer is quite comfortable and equally stretchy, just the way you would want it to be and when it comes to effectiveness and flexibility. It has no limits on how much it can withstand plus possibly do to tone muscles and get rid of extra calories.

The elastic bands of this waist trainer belt will hold the entire mid-section area firmly to offer a more intact solid fitting. What makes this feature unique is that the user can also adjust the belt to different levels of compression as preferred for weight loss and abdominal muscle toning.

Furthermore, this body shaper has a built-in zipper for complete gripping, which means that it will let you perform workouts such as strength training, yoga, and cardio with ease and maximum comfort.

And to top it off, this waist trainer belt is a solution if you are looking for extra flexibility, extra comfort, and the ultimate tummy trimming experience.

  • Made of Neoprene Plastic

This waist slimming belt is made from the top quality Neoprene plastics material that will keep the abdominal muscles warmer and safe during exercise. For performance, it will increase more body sweating, which will make the fat burning process less complicated.

Talking of safety, you have nothing to worry about because this latex-free waist trimmer will ensure that you get the fitness benefits that it 100% advocates for without restrictions. It is a sturdy piece of work-out enhancer that is worth having.

What’s more, this slimming belly band will not leave bruises on your skin even after an intense work-out. This sweater will reshape your physique, tone abdominal muscles, and rid off tummy fat.

Check out the Fitlaya fitness ab machine that will make ab toning with this slimming belt a lot easier and better.

  • Ergonomic Design
fitness exeriser
Used for strength training, high-intensity levels, cardio, and yoga

The durable and ergonomic design of this waist trainer belt can adapt to different workouts (strength training, high-intensity levels, cardio, and yoga ). One more thing, the durability of this product makes it stand out against its competition.

This waist trainer belt will not hurt or strain your abdomens or cause any discomfort while working out. When it comes to size, it is ultra-wide and one of the widest tummy-tuckers available on the market.

This fitness item is an excellent fit for anyone desiring to shape body, tone abs, and look insanely good.

To wrap it up, this body shaper comes extra handy and stylish and is a piece of exerciser that will fit in your bust without causing any abdominal pains.

  • Comfortable.

Whether you want to get rid of tummy fat, cut extra calories, or sculpt your dream figure, this waist trainer belt should be your go-to for tummy control and smooth support. It will work great when worn underneath clothes.

We love the extra velvety material that gives a soft on-body feel sensation. So, if you would like to flaunt your waistline or get a revenge body without going to the gym or lift weights, get your hands on this quality tummy trimmer. Moreover, this product includes a back mesh that fully enhances breath-ability.

  • Easy to Use

We would like to point out that this tummy tucker belt is easier to use during workouts. The adaptability eliminates folding and slipping during any workout session.

To put this into perspective, exclusive non-slip inner surfaces will generate heat that will burn fat, tone muscles, and aid in weight loss. Additionally, it will block out bacteria.

What Are the Benefits of Using This Waist Trainer Belt?

muscle activator
intensifies work outs

While there is no doubt that this tummy tucker will help you get rid of tummy fat, it also offers other fitness benefits to its users. Below are different ways that this product will be of benefit to you while working out.

  • Burns Fat

Are you looking for a simple way to boost your weight-loss regime? Search no further than this waist trainer belt? It warms up the mid-section of the body, specifically the abdomen.

For example, during a workout session, this sauna belt will increase body temperatures to burn down calories, which leads to fat reduction and toned abdominal muscles.

SHAPERX has perfected the art of designing waist trimmers that are the most efficient. With just a mere stretch, this tummy tucker belt will get you started in your weight-loss journey. The heat insulation of this belt is excellent and will automatically repel odor and moisture to keep one looking all fresh.

For men, we highly recommend the Nowten abs stimulator, a powerhouse of muscle activation by electric stimulation that will strengthen the stomach and tone muscles.

Furthermore, this waist exerciser features an ergonomic design that will keep core abdomen muscles warm and active during a workout session. With its sauna effect, get ready to sweat it all out and burn some calories with this effective tool.  

Be assured to burn down calories around the waist, belly, and lower back. Tone your muscles and curve your body with this slimmer belt from Amazon.

  • Pure Motivation

The idea of the ideal body and waist size has been marketed since the early heydays. The body attractions exist for biological reasons and indicate good health, estrogen production, and high-levels of fertility.  

Today, many women are inspired by these facts to shape their physique and eliminate waist fat. This slimming waist belt will offer the right motivation to embark on a healthier lifestyle and reach your ideal weight size.

  • Improves Posture and Confidence
ultimate work out buddy
corrects bad posture and allows better movement

In an era where people are stuck behind their desks at works most of the time, it is without a doubt that many of us have bad posture that can cause severe back pain, decreased blood circulation, and poor digestion.

Incorporating this waist trainer belt into your workout routines/sessions will help correct bad posture and allow better movement.

More importantly, working out with this product will lessen pressure on your spine and joints. It will also strengthen your core because many low spine problems are related to having weaker core muscles. Start doing stretches, strength training, or yoga with this waist exerciser; it is a sure way to maximize your work out sessions and regain muscle stability.

  • Enhances Work Outs
reduces weight
Boosts work-out any where, anytime

Wearing this tummy tucker regularly while at the gym or work will boost your intensity levels. Here is how: waist training daily can be a solid part of your fitness routine if worn correctly.

It will also increase and enhance results such as flexibility while performing obliques, abdominal rolls, and side crunches.

For starters, you may find out that this waist shaper will increase sweating, especially in the torso area. This will lead to intense fat burning and strong abdominal muscles.

Pros and Cons

tones body muscles
Comfortable and durable


  • Combines style and quality
  • Non-toxic and non-allergic to the skin
  • Offers 100% optimal waist support
  • Tones abdomen muscles
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Comfortable and adjustable
  • Improves posture
  • Builds up confidence
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Adjustable double Velcro closures
  • Increases breath-ability
  • Made from premium latex-free  material
  • Activates abs


  • More adjustable levels could be added
  • Not recommended for pregnant women
  • Not recommended for users with implants

Final Takeaway

This waist trainer belt is essential for every woman’s fitness needs because of the extra benefits it offers. As a tested option for achieving a slimmer waist, women over the past decades have been using waist trainers to cut down tummy fat and lower down extra calories.

Working out with this tummy tucker will enhance your curves, tone abdominal muscles, and help eliminate tummy fat. Compared to the high performing Perfotek Slimmer Belt, this simple, modern-day corset will equally squash tummy fat and transform your torso area into an hourglass figure.

You can view and purchase it here on Amazon.

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