Body Shaper and Butt Lifter Short (Women)

LODAY Versatile Body Wear (Corset)
enhances the glutes
LODAY Women Body Shaper and Butt Lifter Short

Body shaming is real, especially on social media. As a result, most women undergo surgery or get injections to enhance their figure and look snatched. The good news is that this body shaper will sculpt your physique, rid of your stubborn love handles, and reduce cellulite.

If you already have a good looking bum, purchasing this body shaper is like adding icing to the cake.

This hi-waist body shaper comprises 100% non-silicone material and two front closures made of the highest quality. It has both fitting and comfortable properties that hardly deform and designed to give any woman a perky-looking bum, nice thighs, and a toned body.

The tummy control feature will tuck and shrink any belly fat whenever one wears it. It is available in all different sizes, ranging from 0 to 18. The versatility means that it has the best cooling effects to keep your curves smooth and enhanced while working out.

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What Special Features Does This Body Shaper and Butt Lifter Short Have?

  • Made of Premium Non-Slip Silicone
Butt Shaper Gentle on Any Skin and Doesn't Cause Irritations
Gentle on Any Skin and Doesn’t Cause Irritations

This waist trainer features an elastic material that will fit the underside of your torso perfectly well. The silicone padding is gentle on any skin and does not cause irritations. For women who want a little bit of privacy, this curves-enhancer guarantees that.

This waist trainer features an elastic material that will fit the underside of your torso perfectly well. The silicone padding is gentle on any skin and does not cause irritations. For women who want a little bit of privacy, this curves-enhancer guarantees that.

The non-slip material is stretchable, adjustable, and has zero risks of rolling down. Rather than slide, this butt lifter offers firmness and comfort.

Silicone is widely known to hold its shape and quality for years without wearing off even after washing and constant usage. This will kill two birds with one stone as this body shaper will tone your abdominal muscles, make your belly shrink, and give you an hour-glass figure.

As multi-purposed fitness wear, it is a must-have for every woman.

  • Two Rows of Hook Front Closures

This non-slip thigh shapewear is designed for complete cheek coverage that is made with durable front closures. These are strategically placed for better compression. More importantly, the front hooks reduce fat and help you lose undesirable flabby skin.

The closures are adjustable to support any waist size, control adiposities in fat accumulated sections, and work as a compressive shaper. This stretchy slimming short will sculpt your figure into a dream come true body goal.

What’s more, users can layer this exercising bodysuit under any clothes. Along with that, it is one of a kind when it comes to burning down calories. With remarkable closure hooks, it is safe to say that this butt lifter is worth trying if you want to cut down some extra pounds.

  • Breathable Material

Made of light material, this waist-trainer works well for people with sensitive skin. The whole fabric is breathable and body-fit.

While its padding offers users an edge, it is quite comfortable and designed with a built-in booty lifter to shape, tone, and enhance physique. This ensures no irritations and skin allergies while sweating.

This tummy enhancer also comes exclusively with elegant non-removable booty boosting pads that are easy to wear and remove. Every inch of its ergonomic design is made with a high- cutting edge precision and can be both hand/machine washed to preserve its quality.

  • Available in All Sizes
Body Shaper Shapes and tones body
Premium Quality Body Sculptor

You will love these body shaper shorts simply because they are available in all sizes. No doubt, there is a variety to choose from. Even more, they can be worn underneath all types of clothes. The superiority elasticity is the best thing about it.

This tummy trimmer and body shaper is your chance of getting an accentuated bum and envied waistline. It is a product that caters to all fitness needs, such as weight loss.

  • Tightly Fits Under Clothes

This butt lifter is made for all types of versatile workouts, fitness routines and identifies as a new generation of compression leggings. This fitness body-suit consists of a streamlined look and design. Apart from that, it offers 360 degrees of firm control.  

Wearing this workout gear will give you a waist-trimming effect.  Lastly, it will improve your general posture and support your mid-section. The front hook closures deliver the best comfort and match any expectations and requirements.

What Benefits Will You Get By Wearing This Body Shaper?

This tummy tucker can be worn at any time. Better still, if you like, you can save it for special occasions when you want to show off your booty.

Regardless of how and when to wear it, this butt lifter is pocket friendly and safe.  Below are some of the fitness benefits you can get from wearing this body enhancer.

  • Grows and Tones the Glutes
Sculpts, tones and enhances the butts
A modern butt-enhancer

Many women who desire to build a decent body want a smaller waist and a curved figure. However, when it comes to this butt trimming suit, you can lose weight, remove love handles, and reduce cellulite.

This waist trainer can directly make fat in core areas melt and have a much effect, especially when our bodies are in constant physical engagement, such as a workout. This body wear is designed to sculpt the body.

  • Burns Down Calories

If you are exercising with the Entersports ab roller or on this electric exercise bike while wearing this body shaper, you will burn more calories at a faster rate and achieve weight loss goals.

Aside from eliminating visceral fat, this butt shaper by LODAY will make your waist smaller and boost up your confidence levels.

This modern-day must-have corset will squash the fat around the torso. It comes exclusively in all perfect sizes, and you will get the most fitness results without affecting your health.

  • Versatile For Many Extra Workouts
Body Shaper Suitable for All Workouts
A Versatile Body Trainer

As a fitness person, you would want to wear this body trainer while performing weight training exercises or at the gym simply because it will keep your core tight and aligned. It will give you a more effective workout and double your results.

Furthermore, this butt lifter and body shaper will increase sweating, and more sweating means that you will lose water, fat, and waist size. Unlike other workout gears that restrict movement, this butt trimming option is not limited when it comes down to mobility and will make it easy for any user to do extra core workouts on the floor, such as sit-ups, crunches, and planks.

The effectiveness is worth a try; it is the best tool for enhancing results and speeding up the progress.

  • Better Posture

Working out with this quality bodywear also helps you get the very most of your training sessions. By improving your posture, this body shaper will support your body to go the extra mile.

In addition, it will provide your back with the support it needs to counter vigorous workouts and intensity levels. If you go for this waist trainer, you will have a perfect training companion.

  • Boost Confidence
The Ultimate Confidence Booster
The Ultimate Confidence Booster

This waist and butt sculptor is essential for any woman’s wardrobe because of the benefits that one will get while wearing it. First, it is the ultimate confidence booster and can be worn under any clothes and will blend well with any choice of attire.

If you are looking to take your confidence to the next level, this is it. The sensuality will narrow down your waist size into your desired figure. The high-quality fabric of the product allows it to work your physique into optimal curves.

Its silicone material offers adaptability, strength, and durability. It also makes it non-toxic and friendly on the skin; this sculpts the body into a silhouette


Get the right size that will fit and make you comfortable. Material is everything; a silicone breathable material will make your organs receive sufficient oxygen even while exercising.

To avoid health risks, do not wear this corset while engaging in cardio (read more here). Be patient, and do not wear this waist trainer while sleeping. Remember to track down your progress

Pros and Cons of the LODAY Body Shaper


  • Made of non-slip silicone
  • Durable
  • Skin-friendly
  • Sculpts physique
  • Enhances curves


  • Other colors could be introduced

Final Takeaway

Comfortable and Non-Slippery Corset
Comfortable and Non-Slippery

You would be hard-pressed to find a high-quality butt shaper under $20 on the market; this one sure is an overlooked exception. The non-slip material is surprisingly comfortable and targets your waist to trim down the inches without feeling discomfort.

This body shaper and butt lifter will work perfectly to sculpt the body of any woman into a dream hourglass figure.

When worn while working out with the Leadnovo dumbbell set, your muscles will tone and activate more without you even knowing it. It is the perfect tool for working out because it will increase your strength, cut down calories, and get rid of love handles.

If you want immediate results, do not wait to order this pro-body enhancing suit.

You can view and purchase it here on Amazon.

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